Free Advertising of the Week: Green Lantern

Free Advertising of the Week (FAOW) is where I advertise a product or service for free, in the hopes of getting free crap for it.

This week, I’m showing support for something with no agenda for getting free stuff.  This week it’s all about Green Lantern the movie.

The first FAOW column is also the first victim of the slacker pace, as adapted to blogging.  The idea was for the site to be up and running last week, and the first week FAOW to help the release of Green Lantern.  As I’m a week past due on the site, I’m free advertising the second week of the movie, which will just have to do.

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What is Free Advertising of the Week?

The observant reader will also note the obtrusive, garish, and not-at-all discrete “Free Advertising of the Week” graphic at the top of the sidebar.  This is a segment the blog was fundamentally designed around.  The whole point is to advertise a product or service for free (they don’t pay me a dime or send any compensation initially).  I do this advertising “on spec” in the hopes that the company will see it and send me some free crap.  From beef jerky to crappy consumer electronics, the sky is the limit.

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The Modern Slacker Philosophy

Welcome to the Modern Slacker.  Here you’ll find a melange of useless tidbits about the contemporary world of limited effort and low expectations.  For all those who have ever had goals, but found the attainment of said goals too difficult and tiresome, this blog’s for you.

(To show just how committed I am to not working, this post is pulled directly from the “About” page. Lazy? Sure. Efficient? Double sure!)

The Modern Slacker is a gentleman of leisure.  He likely had ambition at some point, but those hopes and dreams of a naive youth were either crushed beneath life’s unrelenting boot-heel, or fell by the wayside as the amount of effort required to bring them to fruition was deemed far too taxing.  Accepting, nay, embracing your underachieving is what the Modern Slacker is all about . . . at least philosophically. Continue reading

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