Free Advertising of the Week: Ms. Splosion Man

Free Advertising of the Week (FAOW) is where I advertise a product or service for free, in the hopes of getting free crap for it.

This time around on FAOW, I’ll be advertising the latest Twisted Pixel adventure on the Xbox Live Arcade, Ms. Splosion Man. While I don’t do a whole lot of gaming, this is the precise kind of game I enjoy, so if the fine folks at Twisted Pixel want to forward me a code for a review copy, I’ll follow this up with said review. For now, even if they are jerks and don’t hook a long time fan up, their games are still good enough to deserve some free advertising.

So, as I said, not a huge gamer. I enjoy a fine video game, but don’t care for shooters, sports, rpgs, and most other hardcore niches. I love brightly colored platformers, especially of the side scrolling variety. Resultantly, the Xbox Live Arcade has been a haven for me in my years of owning a 360, and the Twisted Pixel clan have put out some of my favorite games for it. Really, not just saying that as part of my stupid scheme to get free crap. They’ve already gotten a bunch of my hard earned M$ points. I bought The Maw, ‘Splosion Man, and Comic Jumper, so they really ought to hook a brotha up.

The Maw was a fine example of a really polished XBLA title, even if a bit short (and, lest we forget the “hosing” on the DLC that they Twisted Pixel guys pointed out in Comic Jumper). And Comic Jumper, the most recent effort, prior to Ms. Splosion Man, was hilarious, even if the action was a bit tedious at times. As high as the quality of those two games were, ‘Splosion Man was easily my favorite of the bunch.

‘Splosion Man looked like an easy, colorful adventure intended for 10-year-olds, the exact kind of game I relish. Once you started playing some of the deceptively easy introductory levels, some pretty serious punch set in fairly quickly. While insanely frustrating at times, however, it rarely went into “fuck this game” territory. It was fun, funny, and looked great. A solid value for $10 bucks to say the least.

Now, as for the follow-up, early positive reviews have suggested that Ms. Splosion Man will be every bit the hella-awesome platforming fun that her predecessor was. I wouldn’t know because I have not been furnished with a review copy yet.

. . . yet!

Even if the boys and girls of the Twisted Pixel gang don’t see fit to provideth, it’s going to be pretty hard to hold it against them. As they have been responsible for some of my favorite XBLA action, which is, in turn, my favorite 360 action period, I’ll still end up buying a copy at some point. They have provided me with enough hours of amusement to merit that. If, however, a review copy happens, then FAOW Hall of Fame for those guys, all the way.

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