Free Advertising of the Week: Better World Books

Free Advertising of the Week (FAOW) is where I advertise a product or service for free, in the hopes of getting free crap for it.

So, you might have noticed that the last Free Advertising of the Week was up for 2 weeks.  I chalk this up to three factors:

1. Lazy.

2. No readership, so timeliness benefits me in zero ways.

3. Green Lantern needed the support.

Returning to a normal schedule (even though it’s Wednesday. You know, lazy.) we have a new installment.  Once again I’m going for a cause as opposed to the intended ploy to get free crap, due largely to the futility in that pursuit suggested by reason number 2 above.  When people actually start reading this, beef jerky and Hot Pockets all the way.  For now, stuff I like to show some support for.  Specifically, this week I’m giving free advertising to Better World Books.

Better World Books is a “social venture” (their words) that I can get behind, not only because it’s a good cause that I legitimately believe in, but also because it’s a cause I get stuff for supporting.  You buy used books from them, choosing from an insanely large selection, and getting free shipping on every order.  You get books, the same as if you bought them from the Amazon Marketplace, ebay, or a yard sale, but considerable donations are made by them, based on the money they take in from the sales, to help fund various world literacy programs.  From supporting local library programs stateside, to Books for Africa, they have raised nearly 10 million dollars for literacy programs.  They also point out the environmental impact of their venture, in the form of recycling books that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, and the carbon offset in their shipping.

Cheap books for me helps support literacy for others.  Working retail, directly with the general public, I can tell you literacy is quickly going the way of the dodo, so this is a crucial thing. In the fast-paced world of video rental, ignorant and illiterate rednecks abound.  Simply in reference to subtitles in foreign films, I have heard the phrase “I ‘ont wanna read” more times than I care to remember, from people excited about the latest Nicholas Cage gem.

You sponsor some kid in an impoverished third-world country, you get what? The  satisfaction of knowing you did the least possible work to “help” someone, that’s what.  Then they send you one of those pictures so you can show off to dinner guests and the ludicrous self-promotional dinner parties that you are likely the kind of person to throw.  For thirty cents a day you can look like a hero to your gullible, dipshit suburban friends.  Or worse, you can buy one of those re-jackass-ulous wristbands to be fashionable, completely disregarding the meaning.  With Better World Books, you are at least being honest with yourself.  While being a self-centered miser, you get the added bonus of your frugal, penny-pinching ways benefiting something other than your wallet.

Note: While Better World Books does offer an affiliate marketing program, I do not participate in it.  Like all FAOW articles, I was not paid for this at the time of writing, and if any compensation is later provided in any form, the article will be updated with the appropriate disclosure.  For now, I’m just providing some free advertising for something I like.
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One Response to Free Advertising of the Week: Better World Books

  1. John says:

    Hey Mr. Modern Slacker, your post is making the rounds over here and we’re all lovin’ it. Love the mix of what you believe with your unique sense of humor – we try to do the same, taking our mission seriously, but trying not to take ourselves too seriously. I mean, what better endorsement could we ask for than, “With Better World Books, you are at least being honest with yourself. While being a self-centered miser, you get the added bonus of your frugal, penny-pinching ways benefiting something other than your wallet.”? Friggin’ hilarious, with tasty truth tones throughout and a quirky finish that makes us proud to know ya.

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