The Modern Slacker Philosophy

Welcome to the Modern Slacker.  Here you’ll find a melange of useless tidbits about the contemporary world of limited effort and low expectations.  For all those who have ever had goals, but found the attainment of said goals too difficult and tiresome, this blog’s for you.

(To show just how committed I am to not working, this post is pulled directly from the “About” page. Lazy? Sure. Efficient? Double sure!)

The Modern Slacker is a gentleman of leisure.  He likely had ambition at some point, but those hopes and dreams of a naive youth were either crushed beneath life’s unrelenting boot-heel, or fell by the wayside as the amount of effort required to bring them to fruition was deemed far too taxing.  Accepting, nay, embracing your underachieving is what the Modern Slacker is all about . . . at least philosophically.

The actual genesis of this idea stems from a much different place.  While I once had dreams of the highest order, I now just find myself an embittered twenty-something, dangerously close to being an embittered thirty-something, with my dreams of world domination and fabulous wealth taking a backseat to my new dream of working without pants.  In fact, I’d dare to call it the new American Dream.

So, after seeing a shaggy and disheveled youth on Conan one night who claimed “blogger” as his job, I decided to hop on that train.  You are looking at the result.  This little chunk of web real estate is home to the pointless musings of a disenfranchised late Gen-X/ early Gen-Y roustabout trying to make a modest amount of money from advertising revenue to support his dream of giving up his pointless retail job for the exciting career path of a pants-less blog-type-guy.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am telling you straight out the the point of this site is to sell out as hard and fast as possible.  No illusions of artistic integrity here, just a desire to avoid stupid slacker retail jobs and a return to the nightmarish racket of higher education for an equally pointless and more stressful job.  The mission statement: Make money from home, sans pants.

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